APM-Consulting Kft.

Contact person: Dr. Bachmann Bálint

Contact information: szamoskozi@dravanet.hu

APM-Consulting Kft. carries out its activities at 7621 Pécs. Király u. 34. 3. em. 8. The new managing director is Zagarácz Márk Balázs, and the company employs 2 people. The enterprise carried out several noted projects in recent years, such as the building constructed in the Orfű Sports Camp, the building of Ebner winery, several family homes, the office building at Ágoston tér, the Pull & Bear and the Bershka retail outlets in the Westend shopping mall, the Kipling bag shop in the Allé shopping mall, the Alaska jewellery and the ITSH office building in Pécs. Their project management activity is characterised by works like the Mayo Chix outlet in the Mammut shopping mall or the office building in Fácán dűlő

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