Bachman & Bachmann Kft.

Contact person: Dr. Bachmann Bálint

Contact information:

Bachman & Bachmann Kft. undertakes engineering and technical inspection activities in the building industry, and, apart from these, provides consultancy services to its clients. The enterprise is headquartered at Pécs, Böckh J. utca 17. Bachman & Bachmann Kft has business premises also at Pécs, Király utca 34. The enterprise has a 15-year history.

Its main activity is engineering work and related technical consultancy (NACE 7712). Apart from this, the company undertakes the following activities:

  • soil sampling and exploratory drilling
  • water, gas, heating and AC fitting work
  • plastering work
  • other building services engineering work
  • joinery structures fitting work
  • wood, building materials and sanitary ware wholesale
  • technical inspection and analysis
  • preparation of building sites for construction
  • software publication
  • other building fit-out and electrical fitting work.

The managing directors of the company: Dr. Bachman Zoltán and Dr. Bachman Bálint.

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