Managing Director: Sárkövi Dezső

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CODE-TECH Kft. was registered on 1 February 1996. The main site of the company is currently found at Pécs, Jókai utca 30. The registered office of CODE-TECH Kft. is found at Pécs, Nyírfa utca 24. The founding deed was approved in October 1995. The main activity of the micro-enterprise is ‘Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard’ (NACE 1729), but a number of other activities are carried out including the production of paper stationary products, printing except for daily papers, paper production, pre-press services, production of plastic sheets, plates, foils, tubes and profiles and other plastic products. CODE-TECH Kft. has been widening its portfolio for the past 18 years, so it also undertakes the production of computing equipment and peripheral devices, measuring equipment and optical instruments, fittings and office equipment as well. Apart from medical instruments, the activities include the repair of industrial machines and other industrial machines, the retail sale of software, telecommunication equipment, furniture, sports equipment, clocks and watches, etc. The enterprise, based on its size, is able to satisfy its clients‘ needs in a flexible manner. CODE-TECH Kft. currently markets mainly identification technology equipment and develops identification technology systems. The enterprise with its centre in the city of Pécs offers these services to its clients nationwide, and also provides complex services in the area of packaging technology. The company delivers and installs equipment in line with the client’s criteria, and supplies accessories as required for smooth operation. In 2011, redesigning its profile, the company started to sell self-adhesive labels followed by the production of ink ribbons in small rolls in 2005. Currently the major activity of the company is the processing of self-adhesive paper raw materials. The sale of identification technology equipment, predominant in the nineties among the revenues of the company, has fallen back.

CODE-TECH Kft. is continuously planning the sale of our currently determining, existing business lines, that is, self-adhesive labels and ink ribbons. The enterprise profitably operated in every business year since 1996. The mission of CODE-TECH Kft. is to ensure a high level of service applying the novelties of digital technology.


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