Hidrot Kft.

Managing Director: Baumgartner József

Contact information: hidrot@hidrot.hu

The predecessor of Hidrot Kft. started in 1978 by manufacturing municipal machines. The first machine produced was the HYDraulic ROTary slope mower after which the company was named. The machines manufactured by the enterprise still bear this acronym (HIDROT) as their brand name. At the beginning, the water sector was selected as their main area of activity, and later on they shifted focus towards the road sector. From 1991 on, most of the orders came from the road sector, and after 1998, due to the highway construction activities, the company continuously received orders to supply the needs of mechanized highway maintenance. From 1994, beside the machines the company manufactured itself, HIDROT Kft. concluded contracts with renowned international partners for marketing their products, providing their representation in Hungary. In this way, the company could widen its product portfolio to serve its clients. As a result of representing these international partners, HIDROT Kft. set foot in new areas as well, so it gained a market share in the area of urban management, railway, forestry and nature conservation, satisfying the needs of enterprises operating in these areas. Thanks to its high-standard services and products, HIDROT Kft. gathered a large customer base, and a considerable part of them regularly by from their portfolio. In line with the company philosophy, they have been striving to satisfy the new requirements of their clients, and as a result the company became deeply embedded in the market. Regarding the orders, it is highly important to ensure the fast supply and servicing of parts belonging to the machines, to satisfy training demands and to provide consultancy services. HIDROT Kft. has been continuously monitoring the needs of its customers in order to accordingly adjust the product range, and became able to appear on the market with the most comprehensive, modern and customized solutions. For this, the company uses approximately 100 years of experience and proven techniques of its international partners in the area of the manufacture of municipality machines. The international experience contributes to the production of HIDROT’s own machines at the same high level. The main goal of HIDROT Kft. is to be able to continuously increase the product range own its own produced machines. For this purpose, the company wishes to accomplish developments based on renewable energy sources in the future.

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