Kertvéllesy Ingatlan Kft.

Contact person: Andricz Roland

Contact information:

Kertvéllesy Ingatlan Kft. was founded in 2005. In the recent years, the enterprise specialised in the planning and implementation of energy-aware passive houses. With the help of the enterprise, the planning and execution process of passive houses can be considerably shortened. The building can be realized faster and in a more cost-efficient manner. The service offered by the enterprise will in this way indirectly contribute to the propagation of an energy-aware way of life. The planning process of passive houses is currently longer than that of conventional houses. The reason is that apart from the conventional design programs, the involvement of additional programs carrying out energy calculations is also necessary, and these systems, in most cases, are not compatible with each other. Kertvélessy Ingatlan Kft. has a considerable knowledge base in this area. The necessary calculations and then the implementation of the results is time-consuming, but in some cases ex post control and manual correction is indispensable. The experts of Kertvélessy Ingatlan Kft. take care of this job in a professional manner. The micro enterprise currently employs four engineers and one assistant.

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