Net96 Kft.

Managing Director: Jávorka Zsolt

Contact information:

The activity of NET 96 Kft. consists of the management of computers, software systems, IT networks and peripherals, and their servicing. Its activities are exercised in Pécs, at Makay István út 48. Since the foundation, NET’96 Kft. has been dealing with IT, high and low voltage building automation solutions and implementation as well as with the distribution of the relevant assets. The main profile of the company is the integration of complete computer systems, the first step of which is the design of the hardware system, and, then, following the putting into operation, the installation of programs and network connections. In parallel, the training of end users takes place, and then, the live operation of the systems is the final point of the process. The enterprise, in the framework of the management of systems, also provides constant service on alert, apart from consultancy services. In the framework of a research development project (Coordination of energy storage tools by realizing a new information technology system for residential and corporate users – GOP-1.3.1.-11/C-2012-0369), NET’96 Kft. has developed a product called Home Energy Management System, abbreviated to HEMS. The development realized with the help of an EU grant was qualified as a sample project by Széchenyi Programme Office acknowledging its importance. The project has been physically completed.

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