Perspex Kft

Managing Director: Nagy László

Contact information:

Perspex Kft. was founded in 2000, and started its operations by selling marking technology assets and accessories. Our persistent and accurate work, customer-oriented attitude as well as the satisfaction of our partners and the extension of our product and service portfolio inspired our enterprise to carry out investments into development. In 2006, we made a big investment in order to expand our product range to even wider areas. We expanded our machine fleet with an MPS printing machine equipped with the most up-to-date technology, suitable for printing high-quality prints, a DCM sleeve forming machine and an inspection rewinder machine. We can produce shrink sleeve films, flexible packaging materials and special self-adhesive products in excellent quality.  Aiming to provide complete services, we undertake the graphical design of packaging materials as well. Our creative colleague considerably facilitates the marketability of our partners’ product by designing wonderful graphic arts. Our increasing clientele and our continuous development brings new demands for purchasing additional machines, so we can ensure the excellent quality for our partners using the most excellent technologies. In 2008, we constructed our owned site where we also produce food industry packaging materials complying with the rigorous conditions of hygiene of the HACCP system. Our goal is to ensure the uniform and high quality level of the service we provide, and to comply with the requirements specified and expected by our client. Our goal, apart from maintaining and strengthening our current portfolio, is to comply with the varied demands and expectations of our clients.


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