Rolling Consulting Kft.

Managing Director: Kovács Ibolya Krisztina, Veres Attila

Contact information:

The founders and owners of the company are Hungarian private persons whose knowledge and valued experience gained while working as management consultants for the BIG FIVE multinational consultancy firms as well as our professionally prepared and experienced consultants provide stable foundations for long-term operation. Rolling Consulting Hungary has been operating in the market of management consulting since 1999. In the beginning, the practice started with HR and financial consulting and the implementation of IT systems, then, recognizing the increasing consultancy needs related to EU grants and the related services, since 2003, we are at the disposal of our clients with very high standard EU financial consultancy first of all in the corporate, but also in the municipal and civil sectors as well.

For efficient and accurate work, the capacity utilization of our colleagues is generated by a utilisation planning – resource allocation – technique. Also, the use of CRM and other internal systems provide a wide range of support for managing our customer relationships (partner history).

The tender experts of Rolling Consulting Kft. are qualified proposal writers which guarantees the high level of our services and professional workmanship. Our firm and our tender experts have wide-ranging knowledge and references both in case of EU tenders that can be found and domestic tenders. Our colleagues undertake to determine the main purpose of the given task and find the best possible solution.

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