SzaPporta Kft.

Managing Director: Emmer Artúr

Contact information:

SzaPporta Kft. was formed in September 2003 with the participation of highly qualified and experienced experts in the area of SAP. Until now, the enterprise became the expert team having the most significant experience in the SME sector. SzaPporta has developed a complete system for its clients which, apart from presenting and providing the full potential of SAP, includes the entire methodology of SzaPporta. The purpose of the enterprise is to design the system adjusted to the individual needs of SMEs, with regard to the available resources. The enterprise makes the knowledge accumulated during 11 years – the Know How – available to its clients and develops it further. The experts of SzaPporta know the FI, CO, AA, MM, SD, PP, TR modules and the BC Basis system, and several employees have SAP R/3 TEKconsol, Microsoft certification exam. Its developers are trained in the ABAP4 development system and SAP R/3 Banking interface. Since its formation, the enterprise is a cooperation partner of SAP Hungary Kft. (the Hungarian representative of SAP AG) (“Chanel” and “mySAP All-in-one Sales&Service Provider”). Its services include the integrated system development, live system support, the review and reengineering of business processes. The individual developments in ABAP environment and labour and resource outsourcing ensures the interfacing with SAP of mobile terminals and barcode readers. Regarding mobile devices (PDA, barcode readers, etc.) SzaPporta Kft. recommends the MI and TEKConsole ™ solutions of SAP. Apart from this, it recommends the SAP warehouse management system (warehouse management and scheduling system based on the WM module), interfacing external logistics systems to SAP (FS-SAP), barcode system for the stock-taking of tangible assets and the banking interface (outgoing banking interface) handling. 

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