Managing Director: Pelle Gábor

Contact information: pelle.gabor@xoft.hu

Xoft Szoftvergyár Kft. develops and distributes software systems. The software developed by Xoft Kft. facilitate transparency and practicability, support the everyday work of employees working in the units. The enterprise headquartered in Pécs produces inventory management, restaurant and other software products; apart from touchscreen and other restaurant software products, it also produces manual restaurant calculators and computers, restaurant recording systems, software products for manual PDAs and restaurant systems. Apart from this, fitness software products, warehouse management and inventory management software products are also developed by the company. Xoft Kft. also distributes the retail software systems of Marché, which offer support in the development of the operating environment of the business for food industry and retail outlets and the enterprises operating them. The GARCON catering system software simplifies the processes of the enterprise and makes them transparent. CANTINE is a software system developed for those engaged in the public food services industry. It also includes storage management and menu card making functions, supporting the administrative work of food services managers. The system takes care of planning, business administration and calculation processes, and it is able to handle healthcare, a’la carte and normal menu cards. It is recommended first of all for the operators of canteens.

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