Managing Director: Varga László

Contact information:

DMS One Zrt. has been present in the Hungarian market for the past 10 years as the exclusive distributor of its products. DMS One Zrt. offers document handling services to its clients. Apart from software development, the enterprise undertakes also distribution activities. Based on quick customer service in the Hungarian language, it offers international solutions and services for its clients. Our document handling solutions are able to improve the workflow and contribute to the recording of invoices and contracts for our clients as well as to the efficient operation of the quality assurance system. The system is suitable for servicing enterprises, apart from public institutions, irrespective of their size. DMS One Zrt. holds the certificates for Professional PE and Ultimate PE solutions. The enterprise has successfully taken part in a number of software development and training support tenders, but also carried out developments related to the energy management in buildings in the recent period.

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