Healthware Tanácsadó Kft.

Managing Director: Dr. Bacskai Miklós

Contact information:

The participants engaged in the formation of Healthware Tanácsadó Kft. were medical doctors, pharmacists and economists with experience in the area of health insurance. The enterprise has gained experience mainly in the area of medicine financing while making efforts to introduce medicines in the funding systems. Healthware Kft. offers individual information technology solutions, developments and decision-making applications to its clients. The enterprise carries out health-economic analyses in the framework of which it manages the preparation of feasibility studies, indication analyses, pricing strategies, metaanalyses and processes required for medicines to achieve subsidised status. In the framework of health financing consultancy, the company provides data processing, market analyses and forecasts; it works out economic models and macroeconomic reports, and provides reference pricing, international price comparisons and legal consultancy services for its clients. In the third major area, the enterprise gathers data on the basis of questionnaire surveys as well as data queries and management from the National Health Insurance Fund Administration; it explores real world disease characteristics, carries out market analyses, therapy analyses and characterisations in connection with research and data analysis. In addition to these, Healthware Kft. carries out explorations of disease treatment patterns; it prepares burden of disease analyses and budget impact simulation models, works out patient-flow models and indicator systems, retrospective analyses of therapeutical areas and actuarial calculations. In the area of application and system development, the enterprise  offers several products to its clients, such as the Medalyse system (planning framework), Excel-VBA models, portal development, developments built around the Telemedicina system and Flash-Flex-based presentation applets. The enterprise achieved significant results in the area of healthcare research. They prepare programs based on hospital reports which generate listings, and the analyses summarizing them are made public in the form of studies. Healthware Tanácsadó Kft. also works in the area of IT, research and education.

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